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Microcontroller Architecture and Programming
8051 architecture2
»Pin description,
»Instruction set,
Introduction to Assembly Language Programming.
»Program counter and ROM space,
» In-line assembly programming using cross compilers,
» Data types and directives,
»Flag bits and PSW register,
» Register banks and stacks,
» Loop, jump, call, delay generation, I/O programming,
» Addressing modes for memory access,
» Arithmetic instructions, Logical instructions, Single bit instructions,
» Timer and counter programming, Timer interrupts
Practical exposure to application development
» Creating work environment. DIR, ASM, DATA, UART, UTIL, LCD KEYS
» Program for LED ON/OFF, Blinking, Delay, Intensity control using PWM
» Building segment LUT, Display 0, 1, 2&9, A,B&F, Multiplexing displays
» Interrupts: Display and increment count on interrupt (manual & delay based), multiplexing    through ISR counting 0000, 0001&..9999.
» Keyboard scanning: Debouncing, key_ready, key_value, displaying key pressed on
    seven - segment display.
» Integrating keyboards and display through ISR.
» Stop watch implementation
» LCD : Initialize LCD and Display cursor, writing ASCII set to cursor, blink messages
» Alarm keys : Implementing UP, DOWN, ALARM OFF and ALARM set keys, adding time out to   these programs
» UART: Initialize UART, Transmit Character to V term, Transmit messages, trace routines for    debugging.
» Serial port based command processing
» Programs for reading / writing byte, block, flag bits
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