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         Electrical System

» Basic Electricity - Conductors, Insulators
» Electrical Terms and Definition, Ohm's Law
» Series and Parallel connections
» Magnetism and Electro magnetism
» Single phase and polyphase system
» A.C. Circuits including resistors, inductors and capacitors
» Power factor concepts
» Selection, checking healthiness of Industrial heaters
  Cables, different types, termination, jointing of cables
  Measuring Instruments: - Multimeter, Meger, Energy meter, CT's
  AC Induction Motor, Slip ring induction motor
Principle of operation
Important specification, Understanding Motor nameplate
Selection of Motor and Rating
Checking healthiness of Motor
Identifying start and end terminals of winding
Mechanical faults in motor - possible causes & remedies
Electrical faults in motor -possible causes & remedies
Recommended preventive & breakdown maintenance
» L.V.Switchgear Knowledge
Push-Buttons, Limit switches, Contacters, Bi metal Relays, Fuses, MCB, ELCB.
Rotor resistance starter
Air Circuit Breaker, MCCB, MPCB - Principle of operation, fault diagnostic & troubleshooting
» Logic Building using contractors, relays
Sequential Control, Motor Starter
» Transformer
» Power Management
» Electrical losses Electrical Safety
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