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Sensing a growing need of trained professionals in the Embedded Systems field, Prolific conducts an exhaustive course consisting of different modules. The course modules reckon with the best in the industry and have a mix of basic and advanced courses. The course topics include Microcontroller architecture and programming, advanced embedded programming, real time operating system.

Module Embedded Training Course Content
Microcontroller Architecture and Programming
Advanced Embedded Programming
Real Time Operating System
VxWorks Application Development

» In-line assembly programming using cross compilers,
» Program counter and ROM space,
» Data types and directives,
» Flag bits and PSW register,
» Register banks and stacks,
» Loop, jump, call, delay generation, I/O programming,
» Addressing modes for memory access,
» Arithmetic instructions, Logical instructions, Single bit instructions,
» Timer and counter programming, Timer interrupts

» Creating work environment. DIR, ASM, DATA, UART, UTIL, LCD KEYS
» Program for LED ON/OFF, Blinking, Delay, Intensity control using PWM
» Building segment LUT, Display 0, 1, 2&9, A,B&F, Multiplexing displays
» Interrupts: Display and increment count on interrupt (manual & delay based),    multiplexing    through ISR counting 0000, 0001&..9999.
» Keyboard scanning: Debouncing, key_ready, key_value, displaying key pressed on    seven- segment display
» Integrating keyboards and display through ISR.
» Stop watch implementation
» LCD : Initialize LCD and Display cursor, writing ASCII set to cursor, blink messages
» Alarm keys : Implementing UP, DOWN, ALARM OFF and ALARM set keys, adding time out    to    these programs
» UART: Initialize UART, Transmit Character to V term, Transmit messages, trace routines     for    debugging.
» Serial port based command processing
» Programs for reading / writing byte, block, flag bits

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