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         ARM [Advanced Risk Machine]

1. Features in RISC Architecture: - From hardware point of view.
The ARM Architecture, The Acorn RISC Machine, Architectural Inheritance, The ARM Programmer's Model, ARM Development Tools.
2. ARM processor architecture
ARM Organization and Implementation, 3-Stage Pipeline ARM Organization, 5- Stage Pipeline ARM Organization, ARM Instruction Execution, ARM Implementation, The ARM Coprocessor Interface.
3. ARM processor from the programmer's point of view
Architectural Support for High- Level Languages. Abstraction in Software Design
  A. Operating states
  B Memory format:
Memory Hierarchy, Memory Size and Speed. On-Chip Memory Caches Memory Management.
Instruction length
    The ARM Instruction Set, Introduction, Exceptions, Conditional Execution. Branch and Branch with Link (B, BL). Branch, Branch with Link and Exchange BX, BLX). Software Interrupt (SWI). Data Processing Instructions. Multiply Instructions. Count Leading Zeros (CLZ - Architecture V5t Only). Single Word and Unsigned Byte Data Transfer Instructions. Half -Word and Signed Byte Data Transfer Instructions. Multiple Register Transfer Instructions. Swap Memory and Register Instructions (SWP).
Status Register to General Register Transfer Instructions. General Register to Status Register Transfer Instructions. Coprocessor Data Transfers. Coprocessor Register Transfers. Breakpoint Instruction (BRK - Architecture V5t only). Unused Instruction Space. Memory Faults. ARM Architecture Variants.
Data types
    Architectural Support for High -Level Languages. Abstraction in Software Design. Data Types. Floating - Point Data Types. The ARM Floating - Point Architecture. Expressions, Conditional Statements. Loops Functions and Procedures.
  E. ARM and Thumb instruction set
    The Thumb Instruction Set. The Thumb Bit in the CPSR .The Thumb Programmer's Model. Thumb Branch Instructions. Thumb Software Interrupt Instruction. Thumb Data Processing Instructions. Thumb Single Register Data Transfer Instructions. Thumb Multiple Register Data Transfer Instructions. Thumb Breakpoint Instruction. Thumb Implementation. & Thumb Applications.
Memory Interface and co-processor interface
5. Use of ARM based IDE
Project creation, Compilation, Debugging, Linking.
Break point insertion, Memory modeling
Evaluation and comparison of various ARM based IDE's
6. Microcontroller specific programming
  A. Downloading code hex file into the ARM based Philips microcontrollers
  B. Use of PLL /DLL
  C. Use of port and serial interface provided into the chip
  D. ARM processor cores. ARM 7TDMI, ARB, ARM9TDMI, ARM10TDMI Comparison study.
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