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        Embedded Training - Certifies Embedded Application develope

Microcontroller Architecture and Programmingv Introduction to C programming
Advanced C programming
Function calls, passing / returning values,
Advance Pointers and Arrays,
Hashing and Bitwise operation
Data structure,
Dynamic memory allocation, Introduction to OS services
Process , memory & I/O management
Socket programming
Creating a linked list, linked stack and queue, double and circular linked list, sparse matrices, binary tree,
Interrupt handling in C
Code optimization issues in Embedded C

» Writing LCD drives
» Writing LED drivers
» Writing device driver for serial port communication
» I2C interfacing with serial EEPROM using special ISRs
» Stopwatch program on Embedded board
» Calculator program on Embedded board

» Introduction to real time operating systems (RTOS)
» Basic architecture and requirements
» Inter task communications and task management
» Scheduler: Task assignment and scheduling
» Why does it make sense to use a real-time kernel?
» Multitasking techniques » Real time kernels
» Hard time systems » Time and memory management
» Real time scheduling » Types and features
» Interrupts service routine (ISR) » Priority and its inversion
» v Detecting errors » Deadlocks
» v Shared resources » Message queue and mailbox
» Preemptive and non preemptive kernels » Interrupt latency
» Kernel initialization » Event control block
» Semaphores management  
» Porting RTOS and embedded operating systems
» Performance metric, property of RTOS development environment