PLC Training
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        Certified Automation Engineer

» Introduction to PLC programming software » Addressing concepts
» Introduction to bit, byte & word concept »
» Programming instructions arithmetic and logical
Load /and /or/out / and Read / Write
MOVE block application
Leading edge / trailing edge instructions
Compare / Add / Sub /And /Or - Blocks
Timer Blocks programming
Counter Block programming
Advanced instructions
File handling
Comment functions
Master control /set /reset function
» Upload, download, Monitoring of programs » Forcing I/P & O/P
» Monitoring / Modifying data table values » Standard procedure to be followed in    wiring / writing ladder etc
» Troubleshooting and fault diagnostics of PLC » Documenting the project
» Program assignments for real time applications
» Hands on experience on writing programs  
               •  Case studies for conveyer, motors control, timer & counter applications etc.

» Preparing general arrangement diagram
» Load calculations
» Panel designing

» Introduction to control system » Applications of DCS system
» Architectural evolution for DCS » Comparison between the hardware    PLC & DCS
» Practical exposure on Fisher Rosemount DCS    system
» Hardware architecture of DCS
Communication bus
Power supply
Operator and Engineering station
I/O modules Redundancy